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London is not just the business capital of the United Kingdom but also one of the key financial centres of Europe. No less than eight airports use the name London in their titles, bringing every European city within easy reach. High speed rail connections link London with Paris and Brussels, and with the rest of the UK. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, with over 300 languages spoken. As a place to do business, London ranks as one of the most exciting and forward-looking in the world.

Eido's office is located in York Street, in London's West End, not far from Baker Street Tube and London Marylebone Station. Meeting facilities are available at York Street which can accommodate groups of up to eight people.

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78 York Street
London W1H 1DP
United Kingdom
LH Bancho Square
6-4 Rokubancho
Chiyoda ku
Tokyo 102-0085

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