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Affordable Email Marketing Solutions

Outbound communications to your customers and potential customers are an essential part of your marketing mix. Likewise, internal communication within your organisation and to your key stakeholders is a vital aspect of your day-to-day activities. Email provides a convenient and cost-effective communication vehicle, but only if it can be deployed efficiently. Although an email costs a fraction of a penny to send, the expense of time spent designing it, generating content and monitoring the results can soon stack up. This is where Eido PR can help.

Through our Eido Direct service we offer two types of email package designed to provide you with exactly the tools you need to achieve your marketing objectives at minimal cost. Most other email services work on a subscription basis, meaning that you have to commit to an annual contract, monthly charges or sending a minimum number of emails each month. With us, you don't have to: Once your account is set up, just buy the email credits you need when you need them: 1 email credit = 1 email sent. Unlike other providers, our email credits never expire, meaning you are totally in charge of your email marketing budget and can chose when and how much to commit to each campaign.

Not sure what to say? We can help there too: Unlike any other email service, we are industrial and technical marketing specialists, so we can help you identify your strongest message and to deliver it effectively, straight to your customers or prospects. We can also integrate your email campaign into a wider package of services including public relations and marketing communications. We also offer full design, editorial and copywriting support, allowing us to take your existing copy or ideas and turn them into powerful marketing tools for your business. You don't have to divert any of your busy staff away from their normal duties, and no more worries about who will write your mailshot or newsletter

The Eido-Direct service is available in two different packages, each one designed to deliver powerful results and great value for money.

Small Business Managed

A fully-managed email marketing package, ideal for small businesses who want a hassle-free way of reaching out to their prospects and customers. The difference is that unlike other email services, we do all the work, leaving you free to concentrate on turning leads and enquiries into sales.

Eido Direct Small Business Managed includes...

  • Email template creation
  • Your own, friendly "From" email address
  • Editing/sub-editing of your supplied text for maximum effectiveness
  • Uploading and validating mailing lists/ databases
  • Setting up custom Subscribe and Unsubscribe pages.
  • Subscribe, unsubscribe and suppression list management
  • Spam filter testing prior to sending
  • Sending your mailshot
  • Full reporting of results, including opens, clicks, bounces etc.

You can chose from over 70 templates, all of which can be fully customised to create your own unique email design. Our emails integrate with Google Analytics™ to help you achieve your marketing goals, and you can re-use your template as many times as you like – the only costs being a modest charge for updating the content and the cost of the email credits used. You can have up to 20 different email lists, which we validate and de-duplicate automatically for you. And we can even help you source email lists from legitimate sources. We can even create a totally automatic email service for you that will take the latest news from your website or blog and send it out to your customers on a regular basis*.

Account set-up, template creation, content editing and email send to up to 5000 recipients is just £670 (+ VAT ) Subsequent sends using same template, including amending of content, costs only £270 + VAT plus the cost of email credits (see below for prices)
* Optional - please contact us for details


We also offer a more sophisticated package, designed for users who want more control over their campaigns and who are comfortable with creating and managing their own content and mailing lists. Our Self-Managed service includes these powerful features: .

  • Choice of custom and/or user selectable, fully editable templates
  • Ability to upload and manage your own mailing lists
  • Unlimited recipients in up to 20 mailing lists
  • Custom Address Book to personalise your subscriptions and emails
  • Ability to manage and schedule your own email sends, including auto-responders
  • Built-in spam check
  • Real-time reporting and drill-down of result data
  • Publish your newsletters using your own custom microsite/RSS page*
  • SMS text marketing*
  • Inbox Preview facility*
  • Buy blocks of email credits and use them as you need them
* Optional - please contact us for details

Our Self Managed service is available at just £390 + VAT per year, plus the cost of email credits that you require. The Self Managed package enables you total control over your bulk email communications, unlimited recipients and unlimited usage.

Email Pricing

Each email send requires email credits which can be purchased from us as you need them. Credits do not expire. The pricing structure is really simple - one email equals one credit. You just pay for the number of email credits required for your mailshot. Unlike many other services, with Eido Direct what you don't use remains in your account and can be used next time.

Email Credits Price £
1000 13.50
2000 26.80
5000 40.50
10000 67.50
20000 107.50
30000 147.95
40000 174.95
50000 205.00
75000 282.00

Larger discounts are available for blocks up to 1 million. Please contact us for details. All prices exclude VAT

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