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Japanese - English translation

One of the obvious challenges of working in a new territory is the language barrier. Eido PR provides translation services between Japanese, English and many other languages.

We offer translation services on a number of levels to ensure the right balance between cost and technical accuracy. Our services range from competitively priced, fast-turnaround human translation of straightforward documents to the extremely accurate translation of technical documentation such as specifications and user manuals. For more demanding work, our translation teams employ the TRADOS translation memory database to ensure the totally consistent translation of technical terms and phrases. This means that important terms will always be interpreted in the same way to ensure complete accuracy.

Where the need for natural-sounding narrative rather than strict word-for-word accuracy, such as in marketing copy or sales brochures, we employ native professional marketing copywriters to achieve the correct tone. We also include a pre-translation interpretation phase to ensure the true original meaning is carried through to the translation process. Read more about this unique service on the Localisation page.

Coming Soon
We will shortly be offering low-cost japanese translation services directly from this site powered by, the market-leading human translation service. Follow us on Twitter to find out when the service launches.
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