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You plant the seed - we'll help it grow

Ideas, like seedlings, are at their most fragile before roots are established. Sowing the seeds of business in your target market is an essential first step, but it's the ability to nurture those ideas into something that can stand independantly that makes the difference between success or failure. Sustaining a physical presence in a new territory while growing a sales network is expensive, especially for small to medium enterprises. And especially so in Japan where plans tend to take a long time to come to fruition. Organisations such as UKTI are great at helping make the initial contacts, but this is usually just the start of a potentially lengthy period of careful development before sales begin to come through.

Eido can provide an alternative, cost-effective route to market by acting as your initial regional representative, allowing you to conduct more in-depth market research and act as a first point of contact with potential distributors and partners without incurring huge overheads. We can help you screen prospects and provide services like product demonstrations on your behelf, as well as providing other support services such as localisation of marketing materials. We can respond to product enquires with local mailings, and even provide a dedicated local telephone number to capture potential sales leads.

When you're ready to begin selling in earnest, we can help find and secure worthwhile distribution deals on your behalf on an earn-out commission basis. In this way, you are able to explore the full potential of new markets with minimal risk exposure.

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