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We are surrounded by ideas. But a good idea alone is not enough to create success. Along with inspiration, you need the right resources in the right places to prepare for market entry and to connect with your customers once you’ve made your commitment.

Japan presents some unique challenges to companies wishing to establish a presence. The language barrier is one obvious obstacle. But this is just the beginning. Market research, getting to grips with the legislative and commercial environment, even getting used to the Japanese way of doing business all present very real problems. This is where Eido can help.

As your agent in Japan, Eido Europe is able to carry out market research on your behalf and even conduct pre-entry marketing to test consumer responsiveness. We can help co-ordinate with local agencies such as UKTI and JETRO to help you get the best out their services.

Business in Japan requires a great deal of face-to-face contact, which can quickly become prohibitively expensive for foreign companies to sustain. As your local point of contact, we are able to qualify leads on your behalf, acting as an advance party to your market entry and helping nurture the early stage relationships which are vital to success. We can advise on the particular issues you are likely to face in Japan, coach you on business strategy and etiquette, and provide you with an experienced guide to the local business landscape.

Eido Europe is a member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the oldest and one of the largest trade organisations in Japan. Through TCCI and our excellent relationships with JETRO and UKTI we can help establish a real base in Japan on your behalf, for a fraction of the cost of actually being here yourself.

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